VA Rail Update | Improving Rail Service From Washington to Richmond

May 12, 2015

Source: VRE Ride Magazine (page 5)

The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation is working in conjunction with the Federal Railroad Administration on a project to increase the speed and frequencies of Amtrak service between Washington and Richmond while also bringing benefits for VRE passengers.

The Washington-to-Richmond VA (DC2RVA) segment of the federally-designated Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor is the northernmost part of a five-state network of higher speed rail corridor under development stretching southward from Washington through Richmond to Raleigh, Charlotte, Atlanta and Jacksonville. Track and signal improvements for the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor will provide capacity for more trains operating at speeds up to 110 miles per hour.

The current DC2RVA study focuses on improvements to the 115-mile CSX Transportation (CSXT) railroad line between Arlington and Richmond shared by CSXT freight trains and passenger trains operated by Amtrak and VRE. These improvements are complementary to those recommended in the VRE System Plan 2040. The ultimate goal of both plans is to increase speeds, capacity and reliability for all three carriers in the corridor, offering travelers more and better transportation choices.

The proposed changes in the DC2RVA segment would result in the construction of additional tracks, easing curves and improving switches and signals. VRE is working in collaboration with DC2RVA to also add second platforms to all of its Fredericksburg Line stations including grade-separated pedestrian walkways and elevators to improve safety and further enhance corridor capacity. Collectively, the DC2RVA and VRE improvements will create a faster, more flexible rail line for more efficient and reliable operation of all passenger and freight trains in the corridor.

The DC2RVA project team invites you to public meetings to discuss the current planning efforts, learn about the alternatives screening process and initial rail alignment options, and provide your feedback. With your input, these options will be narrowed and evaluated in greater detail in an Environmental Impact Statement. These identical open house meetings will be held from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m. at:

Monday, June 1
Hilton Alexandria Old Town
1767 King St. 

Tuesday, June 2 
Dorothy Hart Community Center
408 Canal St. 

Wednesday, June 3
Department of Motor Vehicles
2300 W. Broad St.

Don’t miss this opportunity to help select the best options for improved passenger rail service. For more information and to stay connected, visit DC2RVA’s project website at and connect on social media (Facebook: DC2RVArail and Twitter: @DC2RVArail).