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Through the DC2RVA alternatives development process and related community meetings, DRPT recognized the unique nature of the Town of Ashland and Hanover County area, and that many of the alternatives for greater rail capacity in this area generated community concerns. As a result, DRPT recommended to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) a community-based effort to supplement DC2RVA public involvement activities and help inform DRPT's recommendation for a Preferred Alternative that provides the required rail capacity through the Ashland/Hanover area. As part of the community-based effort, DRPT has established a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to take a more intensive look at all previous options. The CAC may also identify potential new options to meet the purpose and need of the DC2RVA project, and suggest mitigation strategies to address project impacts.

Please note that in addition to opportunities for public to be informed by the open CAC process, DRPT will also conduct a formal public hearing with a public comment period when the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is released. We urge you and your communities to participate and comment after the Draft EIS is published.

CAC member organizations are listed below in alphabetical order:

  • Town of Ashland
  •  CSX Transportation
  •  Hanover County
  •  Randolph-Macon College
  •  Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization
The meetings are being convened by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation. 

Please see the meeting information for the DC2RVA Town of Ashland/Hanover County Area CAC below.


Meeting Resources

Meeting #2: June 26
Meeting #3: July 24
Meeting #5: September 11