Project Background

The Washington, DC to Richmond (DC2RVA) segment of the Southeast High Speed Rail (SEHSR) project is part of a larger nationwide higher speed intercity passenger rail plan identified by USDOT and the states of VA and NC.   

The DC2RVA project is funded by three (3) sources: 1) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) High Speed Rail Grant (80% / $44,308,000), 2) Virginia DRPT (15% / $8,101,000), and CSXT (5% / $2,976,000) for a total of $55,385,000.

Project History

DRPT and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in conjunction with the FRA and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) completed a Tier I Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the implementation of high speed rail passenger service within the SEHSR corridor from Washington, DC to Charlotte, NC in 2002. The DC2RVA project is but one in a list of follow on projects and studies designed to evaluate more specific improvements necessary to bring high speed rail to the region.