Richmond to D.C. high speed rail aims for 90 minute trip

June 22, 2015

Source: WWBT NBC12 (Richmond)

Theoretically, it should take you about two hours to get to Washington D.C. from here in Richmond. But we all know that in reality, it usually takes a lot longer than that.

Now state leaders say they want to cut that 123-mile trip to 90 minutes, and high speed rail could be the key.

The Washington Post reports a study is underway to review the feasibility of a Richmond to D.C. high speed rail line. It's possible rail speeds could rise from 70 to 90 miles an hour. The study is also looking at possibly adding a third track along the corridor, as well as modernizing stations and making it easier for trains to pass each other.

But don't expect it to happen anytime soon. The study isn't expected to be done until 2017 and the goal -- if the plan is approved -- is to have high speed rail available between Richmond and Washington by 2025.

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