Alternatives Under Study by Section

January 11, 2017

A chart and map are included to show the options proposed to improve infrastructure and add new round trip service

New information on the project website

January 11, 2017

Whether you live, work or travel near the rail, the following information has been posted to help you understand the alternative…

DC2RVA Team Attends Local Public Meetings

January 11, 2017

See the questions asked and the responses from DRPT.

Improving Travel in Virginia

January 11, 2017

Why rail is a key element to expanding travel choices and staying ahead of future growth.

June 2016 Newsletter

What Does High Speed Rail Mean for DC2RVA?

June 29, 2016

One of the more frequent questions we receive is why DRPT is not pursuing true HSR similar to what is seen in Europe and Japan.

Ongoing Projects Underway

June 29, 2016

While these projects are not part of the DC2RVA project, construction is underway in several sections of the DC2RVA corridor.

DC2RVA Spotlight – Randy Selleck

June 29, 2016

Meet DRPT’s, Randy Selleck, Emily’s right hand.

The EIS Process

June 29, 2016

There are many steps involved in preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

March 2016 Newsletter

Richmond Rails: Adapting a Historic Network for Tomorrow’s Needs

March 1, 2016

Richmond’s complicated rail network is a byproduct of the historic railroads.

Meetings Summary – Public Review of Alternatives Meetings

March 1, 2016

The third round of public information meetings was held December 2015 in Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Springfield.

Thank You for Sharing Your Amtrak Stories

March 1, 2016

DRPT would like to thank all of those who participated in our “Share Your Story” Amtrak contest.

August 2015 Newsletter

Screening Options to Find the Best Improvement Options

August 20, 2015

Learn more about the four-stage evaluation process DRPT is using to develop the most viable preliminary alternatives to improve …

March 2015 Newsletter

DC2RVA Roster - Spotlight on Emily Stock, DRPT Manager of Rail Planning

March 17, 2015

As a manager of rail planning at DRPT, Emily Stock is a rail believer. Read the full interview.

Initial Survey finds 94% Support Higher Speed Passenger Rail

March 17, 2015

We heard from 1,091 of you, and your input was incredibly informative. See what the survey results showed.

Screening Alternatives that Meet Community Needs

March 17, 2015

Developing a range of project alternatives is at the heart of the EIS evaluation process. Project alternatives are identified by…

High Tech Aerial Surveys

March 17, 2015

An aerial survey of the project corridor is being done that will complement the on-the-ground field work. Surveying and mapping …

Preliminary Field Work

March 17, 2015

The DC2RVA team recognizes the immensely rich history of the project area. From prehistoric campsites to historic dwellings--and…

Purpose and Need Statement

February 27, 2015

The project team is hard at work developing several aspects of the project concurrently to stay on schedule. Among these are dev…