Ongoing Projects Underway

June 29, 2016

The DC2RVA Tier II Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is just one of many projects being conducted concurrently to advance rail in the Commonwealth and the larger Southeast High Speed Rail (SEHSR) corridor.

In addition to identifying improvements as part of the DC2RVA project, DRPT has been working with agencies and organizations on several previously programmed improvements as well as expediting more identified improvements along stretches of the rail line notorious for bottle necks. Close to 14 miles of the 123-mile corridor are being improved.

  • VRE and CSX worked together to add 2.5 miles of third main-line track between Hamilton and Crossroads, south of Fredericksburg.  This track is now in use.
  • DRPT is adding 11.4 miles of third main-line track between Arkendale and Powells Creek in Stafford and Prince William Counties to accommodate higher speed passenger rail travel while minimizing interference with freight traffic. The additional track will be constructed adjacent to the existing CSX main line. Improvements include a new platform at Quantico Station, and replacement or modifications to Bauer Road Bridge at the Marine Corps Base Quantico. Expected completion is in 2017.
  • DRPT is working with CSX to relocate the main-line railroad tracks that currently run through the center of Acca Yard in Richmond by constructing a two main-line bypass tracks on the west side of the yard. By separating the main-line tracks from the yard, both freight and passenger trains will be able to move through the area more smoothly, without interference to yard operations. In addition, the project will add a fourth main-line track between the north end of Acca Yard and Staples Mill Road station. This will provide two bidirectional tracks for freight and passenger trains moving between the west side bypass tracks and the Staples Mill Road Station, as well as two separate tracks for freight trains entering and exiting Acca Yard from the north. A new passing track north of the Staples Mill Road Station will also be built to facilitate the flow of passenger trains. In addition, the project will reconfigure track crossovers north and south of Acca Yard for more efficient operation.
  • The Virginia Avenue Tunnel in southeast Washington, D.C. is currently under construction. This tunnel is a crucial part of the United States’ East Coast rail network. The tunnel lets trains move freight between key ports, manufacturing centers, and consumer markets. CSX is replacing the century-old single-track tunnel with two new tunnels that will accommodate taller double-stack freight trains. The project will help CSX better serve customers while reducing passenger rail, freight rail, and highway congestion in the District of Columbia and the surrounding area. Construction began in May 2015 and is expected to take up to 42 months.  

To learn more about these and other studies in the area visit Ongoing Projects.