Initial Survey finds 94% Support Higher Speed Passenger Rail

March 17, 2015

We heard from 1,091 of you, and your input was incredibly informative. Survey results showed that most respondents:

  • Live somewhere along the study’s 123-mile project corridor.
  • Are already rail users and use the service monthly for leisure trips.
  • Said their most popular destinations for passenger rail are Washington, DC and New York. 

In addition, survey respondents stated that the best reasons for implementing improved passenger rail were to reduce traffic congestion on Virginia roadways and to provide a reliable travel alternative. Train speed and travel times also were critical. In fact, the train’s speed was the most important element in selecting an intercity passenger rail route, and travel times were the most important factor when choosing rail in place of other modes of travel. 

Respondents overwhelmingly supported passenger rail improvements and felt that improved passenger rail would be a boost to Virginia’s economy. When it comes to how best to involve the public for education and input gathering, respondents agreed that the newspapers and the Web are the best ways to receive news of events, and the majority preferred that public meetings be held in the evening.