DC2RVA Roster - Spotlight on Emily Stock, DRPT Manager of Rail Planning

March 17, 2015

Emily Stock leads feasibility and environmental studies as well as preliminary engineering efforts for rail related improvements in Virginia. Emily also is responsible for responding to public inquiries regarding rail planning, so if you’ve ever reached out to DRPT about one of their rail projects, there’s a good chance you’ve spoken with her.

Before joining DRPT in 2011, Emily worked at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, assessing the advantages of freight rail and the Rail Industrial Access Program for industrial operations throughout the Commonwealth. Before that, she was a consultant to VDOT for Environmental Impact Statements on I-81 and I-66. In addition to DRPT’s DC to Richmond project, Emily also worked on the Richmond to Hampton Roads passenger rail project. Because of the sheer size and high priority of the Southeast High Speed Rail project, much of Emily’s focus is currently on the Washington, DC to Richmond corridor and the Richmond to Raleigh segment.

The DC2RVA project is unique in that the existing rail line has many uses, serving the needs of CSX (the host freight railroad), the Virginia Railway Express, and Amtrak. Because there is little precedent for this type of coordination on such a long rail corridor, managing the moving parts can be a challenge. As the project manager, Emily is up for this challenge, “This is an important gateway project, that will open up all that is functional, efficient, and comfortable about rail travel in the northeast to those who are south of Washington, DC” The breadth of the challenges and potential opportunities is what makes this project particularly rewarding for Emily.

Emily and a crowd.jpg

“I enjoy the variety – this project considers everything from endangered species and historic sites to freight rail operations,” said Emily. It’s also gratifying to work on a project that will result in a viable transportation choice that maximizes mobility and accessibility, while minimizing its environmental footprint.”   

When not working on SEHSR endeavors, Emily spends quality time with her family, which includes five-year-old twin boys who love riding bikes and riding trains. The Stock family frequently uses the new Richmond to Norfolk passenger rail service to visit relatives in Hampton Roads.