What Happens If We Do Nothing?

January 11, 2017

DC2RVA is a critical link along the eastern seaboard, connecting the Northeast Rail Corridor with the Southeast Rail Corridor. Unfortunately, the rail system in place today has limited capacity and cannot accommodate anticipated future growth. Because this corridor is vital to the success of the entire region, the cost of taking no action is significant.

Without solutions that will increase the reliability and frequency of rail travel and make it a viable option for residents of the region, ongoing population growth will continue to cause gridlock on our roadways. We need your support to help find a solution for this congested roadway and rail corridor.

One of the alternatives being evaluated in the Draft EIS is a No Build option. The No Build Alternative defines the future (Year 2025) infrastructure and service levels that will result from already planned investments in the Washington, D.C. to Richmond rail corridor, independent of the improvements planned by the DC2RVA project. The No Build Alternative provides a basis for comparing and contrasting the potential benefits and impacts of the different DC2RVA Build Alternatives. 

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